Roll With It: Food Trucks for Today

We love food trucks. The innovation. The global flavors. The passion. The heart and soul of small business ventures at their best. The time and effort it takes to set up shop successfully, every day. All of it.

Mobil food trucks are making a comeback, just in time for the spring/summer DC food trucks season, and beyond. From Boston food trucks to food trucks in Austin to Chicago food trucks and across this great land to the Seattle food trucks scene, food trucks are rolling back onto the food scene.

The good news here? With some demographic and culinary-focused research, along with a targeted concept development plan, food truck entrepreneurs are finding it easier to secure investors for their venture, rather than backing for a full-service, restaurant space.

Find your inspiration. From fresh ‘n delicious poke bowls to great takes from around the globe, like Korean barbecue, Spanish-soul-food fusion, Thai tacos, wood-fire pizza, gourmet sliders and such, and great takes on the beloved downhome classic, the grilled cheese, inspiration can be found virtually anywhere. Focus on one flavor or combine your favorites, then hold tastings to see what works, and what doesn’t, and partner with local purveyors who are looking to expand their business (more on that later).

Budget for necessities. Once your menu is planned and your sourcing set, look to your development plan to budget for necessities. From fryers to flat tops, add a line to your budget for clean, safe equipment that meets local industry certified standards.

Spread the love. The best food trucks of course serve delicious, fresh food, but another crucial element to themost successful food trucks? Social media and digital marketing. Tweet where you are, build your Facebook friend list, and increase Instagram followers through engaging, appetizing stories, videos, and photos of your creations, your fans, area happenings. Here’s where your trusted sources come into play. Give shout-outs to, tag, and offer followers behind the scenes of your partners’ ingredients, locales, brand concepts, and the like. Ask them for reciprocal shout outs and tags, which are invaluable engagement tools in this age of social media and sharing.

Seek out your spot. Look for upcoming area concerts, outdoor fairs, food markets, community events, local school and religious functions… all of the above. Inquire about what it entails to roll up with your food truck. Is there a fee? Do you need a special permit? What other food trucks will be represented? Then, make them happen. Taking your food truck to events, and talking about it on social media, is a great way to expand your brand, your outreach, your relationships, and your business.