How To Become A Restaurant Consultant

Our team recently delved into, What Do Restaurant Consultants Do, to provide clients (and potential clients) with a behind the scenes look into the daily life and tasks of a restaurant and hospitality consultant.

True to form, we’re not stopping there. Our conversation naturally progressed to what roads led us here. Sure, our trajectories varied, but there are common denominators that thread through.

Stairway to Success. Taking cues from our team, namely our Managing Partner & Vice President of Restaurant Operations, Amber Hartman, and Managing Partner, Tom Prykanowski, here’s a look into how to become a restaurant consultant.

Schooling. Most professional restaurant and hospitality consultants hold a degree in hospitality management, culinary management, business/marketing management, or related field of study.

Broaden Your Scope. Take courses that broaden your industry awareness, scope, knowledge, and resume. Seek internships and/or employment within likeminded companies to find your niche, gain experience in the food industry, and develop your industry skillset. Many of our team members started from scratch. Literally. In kitchens and behind bars, from front of house to back offices, and it shows. Our team has the varied, industry experience to build, run, and maintain restaurant and hotel food service operations across the board.

Where to Focus. Here’s an industry best practices recipe for what a typical restaurant consultant job description might include:

  • Knowledge of industry and local area food and safety compliance laws, standards, and practices
  • Kitchen management, menu development, and proficient, quality procurement
  • Build-out and construction management, with a focus on cost, usable space, and energy efficiency
  • Interior design proven practices that enhance the brand, and the brand concept
  • Proficiency in establishing long-term relationships: with clients and construction workers, kitchen staff and marketing teams, and beyond
  • Experience training restaurant teams to provide streamlined, superior guest services

Continuing Education. Go that extra mile. Continue to expand your industry knowledge and skillset. In such a faced-paced, ever-changing industry, it will set you apart and foster a successful restaurant and hospitality career.