Tom Prykanowski

TomPrykanowski 001 KF

From his first foray into the restaurant industry as a dishwasher at a local restaurant in his early teens to his work today as head of our VSAG global restaurant and hospitality consulting team, Tom has made a career of excellent service, and operational management, development, and growth.

Segueing his dishwashing experience to front of house work as a server and bartender, then making his way back to the kitchen as a chef, Tom realized his passion for the industry and wanted to up his professional proficiency ante. His next step? Tom went on to double major and earn degrees in Culinary Arts & Food Service Management and Marketing at Johnson & Wales University.

Soon, staff positions as director of operations for a hotel and resorts enterprise, vice president of F&B and hotel operations, a brand leader role for a flourishing franchise company, and a senior vice president position of franchise operations, where Tom oversaw the operations of 1100 hotels and 13 brands, all followed to shape Tom’s extensive and varied professional path.

As a former client of ours, we knew Tom would be a great fit for VSAG. Not only are we familiar with his strengths in business development, growth, and strategic planning, we have witnessed firsthand his commitment to developing team leaders, and excellence in operational service and overall performance.

Going from client to consultant is a challenge Tom is ready to tackle head-on. Applying his breadth of experience to steward our restaurant and hospitality clients to better their business is only the beginning of what Tom brings to our VSAG table.