Guiding a Global Brand into New Hospitality Markets

Our VSAG team was pleased when asked recently to host a private Chinese investment group for a multi-day, thought leadership, in-depth restaurant & hospitality industry fact-finding strategy session that successfully took us from boardroom roundtable discussions to restaurant visits in major U.S. markets such as Washington, D.C, New York, and California.

Our Goal? Engaging with industry experts and the best restaurant consulting minds in the business to strategically gauge best practices on guiding a global brand into new hospitality markets. And hence, making the most of business opportunities overseas.

Our Strategy? Provide as much usable content related to all facets of developing new restaurant brands in the ever-explosive Chinese market. Some topics covered were:

  • international supply chain realities
  • high-quality ingredient sourcing & menu concepts
  • defining ones playbook, concept creation & restaurant business plans
  • an overview of the U.S. culinary landscape, trends, and demographics
  • strategic tips on savvy restaurant investing and diversifying portfolios
  • the importance of creating a consistent connection with international counterparts (be it through phone/online chat sessions, webinars, videos, and the like)
  • evaluation of gained knowledge and experience of post-intensive and immersive U.S. major market restaurant visits

Educating our team. Striving to be more. Utilizing our database of cross-industry experts and professional relationships. All help us grow as a company everyday, and share our findings, experience, and proven best practices with our clients – both domestic and international.

We wanted to offer a unique vantage point inside our strategy sessions. From our very own Dan Simons welcoming guests to the roundtable to interested parties sharing ideas … and of course we believe in offering delicious sustenance in order to help keep the creative juices flowing.

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