SK networks

The Client. As a major South Korean conglomerate, the SK networks team is a dynamic group of developers who were looking to us to help them create a Korean-inspired dining concept that would appeal to American diners, and guide this far-reaching brand into new hospitality markets.

The Case Study. Having known of our dedication and belief in the importance of using market research, demographics, and delving into what makes the competition work, and not work, our team of food & beverage consultants were tasked with familiarizing the SK networks team with the American culinary landscape. A tall order, but we began by introducing our SK networks counterparts to the trends and habits of the American consumer that we thought would be most informative and ultimately guide their team in developing restaurant business plans that would translate the company’s success in Asia to the U.S. market.

The Result. We assessed the scope of our work and devised a playbook specific to their needs. We organized and accompanied the client on benchmarking trips to Los Angeles and New York that included fact-finding visits to over 40 restaurants. Thus, providing SK networks with an intensive, immersive education into the American dining scene. In working closely with this client, we created a comprehensive menu concepts development plan, which highlighted the comparative international differences in dining preferences and palates.