Silver Diner

The Client. Silver Diner is a classic American diner, with a heart-healthy food and drink focus. For the folks at Silver Diner, their brand’s chef-driven, locally sourced menu reflects the nostalgia of diner eating (which everyone loves) with a mindful focus on fresh, no trans fat dishes, including a broad selection of entrées, many containing fewer than 600 calories.

The Case Study. We have a long history of working with Silver Diner. We’ve worked on projects from menu development to branding, as well as the launch of their SILVER brand of restaurants. A modern interpretation of classic American food, we guided the SILVER team on launch strategy, bar & beverage concepts, front desk, service, and training best practices, developed and ran a productivity seminar, and even conducted side by sides with another successful client of ours in order for the SILVER team to see their well-oiled operation in action.

The Result. A fresh take on the classic American diner experience was successfully launched. The launch techniques, strategies, and best practices we put into effect with the launch were such a success, the SILVER team hired us again in order to grow the brand.


“VSAG defies gravity. Their ability to impact profit is incredible!” – Bob Giaimo – Chief Executive Officer, Silver Diner