Farmers & Distillers

The Client. The Farmers & Distillers concept has taken Farmers Restaurant Group to new heights. With their special brand of farmer-owned restaurants in tact, Farmers & Distillers takes that passion for sustainability and paying homage to our land with a nod to George Washington, our first president who also started the largest distillery in America at the turn of the 18th century. Inspired by that industriousness, Farmers & Distillers features a specially designed, in-house distillery where they craft their own spirits, using age-old techniques mixed with modern-day expertise.

The Case StudyOur work was two-fold: overseeing the expansion of this restaurant brand within the brick and mortar build-out, design, and F&B consulting; mixed with a journey through new territory, the conceptualization and creation of their groundbreaking, in-house distillery, Founding Spirits, located within the restaurant.

The Result. A modern, restaurant and distillery that has already garnered a seemingly endless amount of press and media attention, and a full house of happy guests every day. Of note are not only the F&B menus we collaborated with the FRG culinary team to produce, but also the sustainable design features, the original art pieces featured throughout the restaurant, the innovative bar program, and of course the development of the in-house distillery, Founding Spirits.