Taking it to the Street

Street Food… just sounds like the perfect way to enjoy a summer meal!

The flavors, the originality, the fresh ingredients, eating in the great outdoors – we love the whole street food vibe.

Ready-to-eat, street food restaurant concepts are born of creativity and camaraderie. Sure, side by side street food vendors are working to grow their business and their customer base, but there is also a camaraderie among street food chefs. They are all in. Serving the best, most authentic dishes they can to willing, culinarily-curious audiences.

Street food menu development takes as much time, effort, and know-how as creating a menu for a brick and mortar restaurant. And we’re seeing an uptick: trend street food and street food restaurant concepts playing an influential role on restaurant menus.

In fact, according to a recent study, “street” tacos grew 145% on U.S. restaurant menus in the last few years alone.

That’s quite the trend. Traditional street foods have added interest and global flavors to restaurant menus. Distinct flavors, ingredients, preparations, and presentations from faraway lands and distant cultures allow street food diners to get a taste of what’s cooking all over the world, without ever having to leaving home.

And now, classic street food-inspired dishes are making their way to a restaurant menu near you.

Everything from the trending, tasty taco to Asian-inspired hand-pulled noodles to Italian-inspired specialty pizzas to global sandwiches from the likes of Vietnam (bánh mì), South America (choripán), and the Middle East (falafel), all the way back to a true American classic, a delicious hot dog loaded with mustard, ketchup, sweet relish, onion, and even a little Texas chili.

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with street food influences. From breakfast burritos to handmade tacos to delicious crêpes for dessert, your guests will enjoy their mini global getaway via your menu.

*photo: a Farmers Fishers Bakersguest favorite, fried white fish tacos.