You’ve Hired the ‘Perfect’ Employee. Now What?

Sure, you’ve spent a great deal of time and effort in courting, testing, and choosing the right candidate. They’ve accepted the job offer and are ready to get started…now what?

The process of integrating a new employee into your existing restaurant or hospitality team doesn’t end with their acceptance letter. The steps you and your staff take during an employee’s first few days (and weeks) are crucial in creating not only a welcoming environment for the new hire, and seamless transition for the staff, but also long-term dedication and performance from the new team member.

Attention to Detail.  If there is a designated area or workstation for a new employee, make him or her feel welcome by adding a personal touch and a dedicated space. Having a branded gift for instance (a portfolio, kitchen thermometer or a personalized apron, perhaps) waiting for them will help the new arrival feel like an immediate part of the team.

Take a Tour. Conduct a walk through of each workspace and all areas of the business. Point out interesting nuances, explain how equipment works, describe any specific SOP’s to be followed, discuss any efficiency tips or specs, and answer any questions they have about your establishment in a clear and concise manner.

Make Introductions. As you conduct your walk through, or when the earliest opportunity allows, be sure to make personal introductions to the rest of the team. Providing a detail or two about each employee will personalize the experience for both staffers and give them more comfort with their new colleague.

Set Time Aside. Take the time on an employee’s first day to mark the occasion. Whether it is sharing a meal or a cup of coffee or tea, recognizing that this is a milestone event for both of you will help solidify your bond and break down potential barriers of interaction or communication.

Business Savvy. Pay attention to the business side of hiring a new employee. For example, provide them with their own business cards, and complete and submit the required governmental employment forms such as an Employment Eligibility Verification/I-9 form.  For more information, visit

Having a ‘new hire plan’ in place will be your next best move to grow your business.