What’s the key to Maintaining Restaurant Quality & Consistency?

It ain’t always easy… but we’re here to tell you that it can be done.

As our team regularly seeks ways to improve our quality control procedures and methodologies, we wanted to delve deeper into this topic: how to best guide our clients to successful restaurant quality control, all while running a busy restaurant.

We’re lucky to have a plethora of enthusiastic partners to extol their secret weapons to us. One such willing participant? Farmers Restaurant Group (FRG)Managing Partner Fran Lake.

What does Fran think quality & consistency boils down to? “Really, it comes down to commitment and creating an environment where everyone’s goals are aligned in delivering only the best experience to guests.”

Once your team is aligned, he says, it’s a matter of putting quality control methods and systems into place, and into practice, every day.

Checks & Balances. Fran and the FRG team work by the “see something, say something” method. Having a solid checks & balances system of daily operations is vital to everyone being on the same page. One goal. One system. All in the name of delivering memorable experiences to guests.

People & Product. Go hand in hand. Fran lives to enhance the connection between people & product. He believes at the root of that connection is trust. Trust in the checks & balances. Trust that his team is following their set practices soundly. Trust that their collective main objective is to ensure they’re continually delivering on high levels in order to deliver a fabulous product to each guest.

Do it Well. Learn it. Live it. Love it. Fran’s restaurant best practices:

  • Order it well
  • Receive it well
  • Store it well
  • Prep it well
  • Make it well
  • Plate it well
  • Serve it well (and right away)

The Experience. Years of experience have provided Fran with the insight and expertise to guide his team, and our readers, well (i.e. we don’t secretly call him ‘Fran-tastic’ for nothing!). At the end of a great day of service… Fran knows: systematic training, validation, and adherence will create a culture where quality and consistency are built into every fabric of the guest experience.

And a great guest experience is paramount.

Paramount to repeat business.

Paramount to positive word of mouth.

Paramount to great reviews.

Paramount to success.