VSAG Pushes For Tap Water at Every Table

It’s no wonder that environmentally conscious diners think twice about ordering bottled water from the restaurants that they frequent, but for patrons of VSAG client restaurants Founding Farmers and Farmers & Fishers, there’s not bottled water available.  At least not the ‘fancy’ imported kind – their water comes from the Washington DC water authority – right out of the tap!  Since the opening of Founding Farmers in fall 2008, the Natura water filtration system has been used in house, and was installed at Farmers & Fishers last spring to eliminate bottled water and the waste it creates.   The system intakes tap water from the local supply and superfilters and mineralizes it for fresh, clean water to serve to guests, all without the use of chemicals and with a choice of room temperature, chilled, or sparkling.

This means the great water carafes – actually recycled glass milk jugs – in both restaurants use, are freshly filled by servers.   The jugs are washed and used again, which creates no empty water bottle waste, requiring no recycling of fancy bottles, and requiring no carbon offsets for transportation emissions that would ordinarily occur with manufactured bottled water.  Recently, Tack Back the Tap contacted the restaurants to join them in their effort to reduce the use of bottled water. Since they’d been doing it from day one, they wasted no time in signing the pledge!

Check out their information on the reasons behind their movement and join their efforts.