VSAG on Sustainability Watch: Overfishing Oceans

To say that the folks at One World One Ocean love the ocean is an understatement. From the tropical reefs to the Arctic sea ice, they are dedicated to restoring the world’s oceans back to a wild, healthy natural state and work to help sea life thrive.

As researchers, they know something has to be done now about the dangers of overfishing. In fact, their chief advisor, National Geographic explorer in residence and oceanographer Sylvia Earle, says that what we do in the next ten years – either good or bad, to the environment – will set the ocean’s fate for the next 10,000 years.

VSAG recently discovered a Know Your Seafood graphic created by One World One Ocean outlining their findings regarding overfishing of endangered fish vs. sustainable offerings, and the importance of wisely choosing seafood for food service use.

As menus are created for your establishment, think about choosing good alternatives to the fish dishes you serve. Keep the graphic below as a guide and get creative with fish preparations that match the style and type of food you serve. Is your menu filled with lighter options? Then offering simply seasoned choices for grilled fish such as sea salt, black pepper and fresh lemon would be a good fit. Or do you/your chef like to experiment with sauces and a mix of different flavor accents? Then topping fish with butter, shallots, capers or any combination of these may be more in your culinary range.

Whatever your style, keep in mind the crisis of overfishing, as VSAG likes to stay aware of important global issues that can have an impact on a restaurant or hotel’s operations. We believe we should all be champions and protectors of our earth’s oceans and know that the choices we make today will impact future generations.