VSAG Loves Great Barbeque

Who doesn’t love themselves some great barbeque? Apparently we’re not alone in our love of all things barbeque.

Topping the National Restaurant Association’s 2015 Top 10 Perennial Menu Favorites list and with May being National Barbecue Month, we couldn’t resist talking barbeque – great grilling tips, techniques, and highlighting some of our favorite barbeque joints.

Whether you enjoy savory or spicy with a flavor base of smoky, chipotle, honey, brown sugar, vinegar or bourbon, barbeque offerings are permanent fixtures on menus from coast to coast.

And, in our experience, great barbeque gets personal. As we’ve found that grill masters usually have their favorite bbq sauce or rub blends and methodology to preparing barbeque.

For best overall grill/barbeque results, we’ve found that starting with a clean, hot (450+ degrees) grill creates a nice sear on the outside of food items, while retaining the tender, juicy, natural interior flavors. Another tip: don’t over saturate items with seasoning or sauce, as grilling enhances food’s natural flavors. Lastly, a good rule of thumb: group like foods together (i.e. meats with meats, etc.) when grilling barbeque. This way, items cook evenly and flavors don’t meld while cooking if that’s not your serving intention.

From barbeque ribs and pulled pork to brisket and strip steak, we love it all! Here are just a few of our team’s favorite barbeque joints to check out:

  • the Salt Lick, serving slow cooked, Texas barbeque in Driftwood (just outside of Austin) since 1967
  • Kansas City’s Arthur Bryant’s was founded in the early 1920’s and is still serving up barbeque to their legions of fans
  • Jack Stack’s has been serving their hickory wood fire bbq in Kansas City for over 50 years

Spiced Strip SteakFounding Farmers grilled sliced strip steak