VSAG Client Utilizes App for Business Development

It’s no surprise that iPhones and smart gadgets that offer limitless uses and life’s little ‘helpers’ in the form of user applications (‘apps’) have expanded into the restaurant business. VSAG is at the forefront of directing new apps for client restaurants concept, Founding Farmers.

The Founding Farmers iPhone app has been so popular, in fact, that developer Sweb Development has been featured in a number of articles and stories of note, including this recent one from The Wall Street Journal from December 8, in which VSAG’s Dan Simons is interviewed as a business owner and also as a big fan of the iPhone app that he commissioned from Sweb. “What we’re able to provide for our guests through the apps is convenience and interaction,” said Simons.  “We’ve received great feedback from our guests and we want to try and use the app in as many different ways as possible to really engage with our guests.  It’s been a super addition to our marketing strategy and outreach.”