VSAG Client News: Unity Plaza Set to Open

Ah, we love when a comprehensive project with lots of moving parts turns out better than we’d hoped!

Kudos to our consulting team for maintaining their focus, passion, and dedication (even through tough days!) in order to bring our client’s vision to reality.

As we highlighted our creative partnership in a Unity Plaza news post a few months back, today we’re excited to announce that this project, which we’ve worked tirelessly on with a remarkable team of dedicated development professionals, is moving to the next phase as …

Unity Plaza, the dynamic Jacksonville, Fla. non profit, community-based campus, located at 220 1422461866unitytrythisoneRiverside is set to open. Not only does Unity Plaza feature state-of-the-art entertainment, beautiful residential and retail spaces, and amazing restaurants, but the cornerstone of this campus experience are the complimentary health & wellness programs and classes designed specially to enlighten, educate, and engage local area residents and visitors alike.

We’re proud to be involved with such a community-based project that will surely impact so many, and we look forward to guests enjoying their dining experiences at two of the Unity Plaza restaurants we’ve had the pleasure to be involved with.

Hobnob, from the team at the Candy Apple Café, is a dinner-club concept reflecting its name: a restaurant blending great food with social interaction, featuring sharable plates and customer-chef interactions.

Sbraga & Company, is the brainchild of acclaimed chef Kevin Sbraga and honors his beloved, traditional Southern dining and dishes with a focus on local crops and grains.

We can’t wait to dig-in and enjoy these restaurants and all the amazing, diverse programs available at the Unity Plaza campus this fall. See you there!

*photo: jaxdailyrecord.com