VSAG Client News: Farmers & Distillers Opens!

The reservation call center is busily up & running, the staff is trained and happily serving hungry guests, the booze is flowing, and yes, the doors are open.

We’re thrilled to announce that our longtime client, Farmers Restaurant Group, has opened their latest venture.

Located in the cool, culturally diverse Mt Vernon Square neighborhood in the heart of Washington, D.C. Farmers & Distillers is primed to be the next successful venture in this growing restaurant group.

Along with sister restaurants, Founding Farmers and Farmers Fishers Bakers, Farmers & Distillers continues the brand’s farmer-owned concept, but with a twist: this restaurant is inspired by our original founding father, George Washington. Be it with flavor, cooking technique, atmosphere, or innovative, in-house distillery, Founding Spirits, fashioned after Washington’s acclaimed Mount Vernon estate distillery, the team kept asking themselves, “What would George do?” throughout the restaurant’s planning process.

They also looked to the design and lore of Washington’s Mount Vernon estate, particularly the first lady’s penchant for social gatherings, as inspiration for many of Farmers & Distillers’ distinctive features.

From commissioned artwork by local artists, such as a portrait of Young George to a colorful mural fd_interior_005_kfdepicting the past, present, and future of distilling; to microclimates, such as the open-air dessert studio showcasing delicious desserts and state-of-the-art coffee program and a playful tree house set above the restaurant; as well as the restaurant’s unique features like their specially designed crest and even the whimsical, over-sized alpaca that watches over the bar and the wise owls that watch over the main dining room… all design elements are thoughtful, interesting, and personal displays that help bring this concept to life.

Another fantastic Farmers & Distillers centerpiece? The General’s Parlor. Dan Simonss explains, “I’m especially excited about the General’s Parlor. You follow the red brick road down through the kitchen on the lower level. It’s a 16-person private dining room with a shimmering chandelier, sparkling glass artwork from Aaron Pexa, a spectacular wood table, and it feels like you’re inside a sexy cocktail glass, all with special menus available only in the General’s Parlor.”

The restaurant’s buzz began even before opening and the DC media have continued to show the team much love and enthusiastic support. In fact, it’s reported that Farmers & Distillers has over 6,000 diners already booked for the first six-days of business alone! Did you make your reservation yet?

fd_dr_gincocktail1_001_kf-1300x867We offer all our clients good cheer & prosperity in 2017, as we look forward to another great year!

*photos: Farmers & Distillers