VSAG Client News: Big Wins for MoCo’s Founding Farmers!

A great, big VSAG shout out to our Farmers Restaurant Group (FRG) client MoCo’s Founding Farmers in Potomac, MD for taking home not one, not two, but three Best of Bethesda wins!

Best Bar, Best Brunch, Best Potomac Restaurant… plus, special runner up recognition for Best Neighborhood Restaurant.

Hosted by Bethesda magazine, these awards are voted on not only by the magazine’s editors, but also the magazine’s readers, who we might add, have some really amazing local, Washington, D.C.-area restaurants and bars to choose from.

As restaurant and hospitality consultants we’re not just in the business of enjoying excellent food, drink, and service wherever we go, we’re also lovers of providing clients with the tools to solidify their brand, hone their skills, and perfect their business model. And for FRG that means a study in three C’s: Commitment. Community. Consistency.

We help clients define their industry niche, what sets them apart. It all matters.

And in order to win in this business, each restaurant has to stake claim to their message, vision, business plan, and personality.

So, today we (and all of our clients) celebrate a win. Well, actually, three wins for MoCo’s Founding Farmers. Cheers!

*Cheers to MoCo’s Founding Farmers!