The True Benefits of Team Building

Every good manager knows that team building is an important aspect to aligning company goals, visions, and overall mission, as well as to strengthen the bond between staff. We believe that fostering deeper, professionally driven connections with fellow employees and continuing to build upon them through shared experiences is imperative to a company’s overall success.

We believe this so much that we took that sentiment to new heights recently by capping off a busy day of staff meetings and strategy sessions to engage a team building consultant to help us not only unwind, but also celebrate our team ties … and form new ones through creativity.

Enter Tim Kelly, a New York City-based artist behind the Puzzle Art Installation & Collaborative Project, who designs dynamic, arts and creative workshops where individual participants are asked to decorate and add personal creative expression to a white 24″x 24″ puzzle piece that is designed to fit together with the rest of their colleagues’ pieces to form one giant, colorfully creative puzzle. In effect, the overall theme is to contribute one’s individual voice to the overall final product and presentation for the collective good of the team.

In the end, our team members crafted pieces from colorful and comical themes to uplifting and reflective expressions, to create our collective puzzle.

In working side by side, we succeeded in supporting, encouraging, and reveling in each other’s inspiration and creativity, and ultimately learned something we may not have known about each other.

Get inspired in your company or office! Plan some fun, motivational team building exercises with your staff – it’s a great unifier. And hopefully, your experience might mirror ours; by the time we finished, we were invigorated to know that our individual pieces would fit altogether to produce this wonderfully artistic, awe-inspiring, meaningful, creative puzzle.

Here’s a look at our work in progress:

vsag_puzzle_pjct12Through Tim’s passion for art and connecting people, since its inception in 2009 the Puzzle Art project has been created in more than 20 states and 10 countries. And Tim’s not stopping there as he and his team are working towards a massive NYC exhibition featuring thousands of the pieces collected from around the world. For information go to the Puzzle Art Facebook page.

To see more on our team building experience with Tim and his Puzzle Art Installation & Collaborative Project, click here.