The Total (Hospitality) Package

The great thing about our restaurant services is that we offer unbiased expert solutions. Opinions are easy to come by; your guests have an endless supply, as do your employees, and your investors. But VSAG brings you expert solutions and systems, not just hot air. We are restaurant operators ourselves and through our experience, we know what it takes to provide the most beneficial restaurant services. It starts with our complete restaurant business plans. These plans are built through research, factual data and our detailed knowledge; we do not use templates and industry averages to formulate generic plans. The data we gather helps us to formulate the Profit Architecture™ of your business and is woven into all of our restaurant services. Through the use of data and analysis, we can spot any weak points in your restaurant business model and provide the solutions you need.

We are able to offer complete restaurant services because we have a complete team of restaurant experts. Our operators work hand-in-hand with our system experts, project managers, procurement directors and our human resources staff to provide a fully-supportive team. When you combine the experience and expertise of each member of our staff, you get teamwork that produces restaurant services that work.

Our expert staff will implement systems; this is one of the places we excel, as we know what it takes to go from idea to documentation to implementation. These systems will be used to amplify the effects of your restaurant operations and results. However, our experts will never set up systems and leave them stagnant. We will interact with your restaurant staff to understand what is—and is not—working. We will train your staff so that they are better suited to carry out the benefits of our restaurant services. Our wide range of restaurant services impacts everything from FOH (front of house) operations to menu development, marketing plans and the back office.

The VSAG impact is clear: our track record of turnarounds, fixes, new concept launches, company growth and myriad other results speaks for itself.