Successful Restaurant Operations 101

We thrive on accepting challenges from clients to devise specialized strategies to suit their needs.

In our effort to explore Successful Restaurant Operations 101, our focus is one such program we developed for client, Farmers Restaurant Group (FRG). FRG asked us to create a unique, targeted environment to not only train their restaurant and hospitality teams, but also communicate their company culture and philosophy.

Our team got to work, and FRG’s ‘Farm School’ has become a successful training model for their team. We’ve outlined the training + operations concept we developed here as inspiration. 

Training 101. Successful Restaurant Operations start with targeted training sessions. First up, have the how’s + why’s of your business take center stage. Connecting staff to your inspiration, company culture, and expectations is integral to igniting their passion for your business.

Team Participation. Essential. Mandatory. For all. Here’s where you foster open communication thus building relationships, promote depth of knowledge, and help teams discover their personal trajectory goals within your company.

Timeframe + Topics. Turnover, promotions, how large your staff is, and the like will help determine how often training sessions should be offered. As for topics, focus curriculum on core operating strategies you want to promote.

Suggested Curriculum. FRG wanted to offer their team a range of topics. From company culture, philosophy, and operating systems to food safety and management paths to building relationships to rules of engagement. Topics incl: 

  • Health Safety & Sanitation: a high level, interactive food safety, strategy, and kitchen operating systems class
  • Time Management I & II: not only did we cover how to be an effective manager and management career paths, but since we’re champions of the belief that successful time management can improve your quality of life, we included not one but two classes on time management
  • Grovel & Schmooze: an interactive, recovery role-play class, teaching the art of great service and winning guests over
  • FRG Marketing & Communications: rules of engagement from targeted outreach programs to innovative, social media savvy, and more…

Instructors. This is where your team shines. Have chefs, general managers/managers, operators, your communications teams, etc. teach sessions to not only put their expertise on display, but also build trust with staff.

*photo: our very own Dan Simons teaching a fun, informative class with the Farmers Restaurant Group team.