Successful Engagement for a Bright Future

Our business development focus is set on growth within all arenas. One constant that always aligns within our growth structure? The next generation of restaurant operators, and our ongoing efforts to pass the baton – by engaging, inspiring, and supporting them.

If encouraging and educating students interested in a culinary career also appeals to you, here are some great scholarship and outreach opportunities to motivate you.

Inspired by the amazing students and hospitality program at Washington, D.C.’s The George Washington University, we developed the Scholarship for Sustainable Hospitality in 2011. Awarded to GW students pursuing a culinary career with an emphasis on sustainable practices, we found that creating a scholarship with a local college or university is a great opportunity to not only motivate and reward students for their educational pursuits, but also allows one to reinforce business standards within their local community.

Our client, Farmers Restaurant Group’s, involvement with Educated Eats is a great example of positive industry/community outreach. Based in DC, Education Eats provides scholarships to high school students and individuals working in the restaurant industry interested in pursuing a culinary or food service education. The FRG team is, according to Vice President of Marketing & Communications Meaghan O’Shea, “Thrilled to be involved with Education Eats. We love the program and everything it stands for. It’s never too early to inspire students to think about their future, especially a future in the foodservice industry where the career paths are truly unlimited and full of opportunity!”

Utilize your community resources for positive, impactful outreach. Cultivating relationships with local image2food banks and volunteer programs that serve food to those in need or youth organizations within your community, Girl/Boy Scout troops for example, are ways in which to target, speak to, and engage local youth interested in the culinary arts. For example, client’s Founding Farmers recently hosted a local Girl Scout troop*, giving them an inside look into the world of a busy, sustainable restaurant.

Industry leader, the National Restaurant Association’s Educational Foundation created NRA ProStart, a two-year high school program reaching nearly 140,000 students interested in pursuing a culinary career. The program offers an innovative curriculum combining hands-on practical experience with classroom instruction. Bonus: students who complete the program are eligible for scholarship opportunities and course credits at more than 75 of the country’s leading hospitality and culinary arts colleges and universities.

*photo: a local Virginia Girl Scout troop enjoying their time learning about the restaurant industry at Founding Farmers Tysons.