Starting a Restaurant? Let VSAG be Your Guide

Starting a restaurant….one of the most exciting, yet terrifying, thoughts for people looking to get into the food industry.  Even if you have the passion, drive, culinary experience and maybe even the finances, the thought of starting a new restaurant can still give you pause (and nightmares).  Where should you start start? How do you make this happen? What is your first step? Can you really fulfill your dream?

We are here to tell you YES! You can fulfill your dream, but launching a restaurant requires an enormous amount of knowledge and experience that even the most experienced restaurateur will find daunting. Enter VSAG: a team of restaurant consultants, restaurant designers and restaurant developers that combines their wide-ranging expertise to help our clients in a variety of different ways.  VSAG is leading the hospitality consulting industry with our team creating innovative concepts that are not only grabbing headlines, but garnering awards and loyal followers.

In addition to helping you in any way, our goal is to set you apart from the competition. We love the process, the planning, the customization, the branding. It all comes together in the end, and along the way we use the restaurant business plan we developed as step 1 to guide us and turn your visit and dream into a tangible product, a real brand that can be packaged and sold. Whether to investors, guests or the media, we will keep your image consistent throughout all facets of not only the restaurant design and menu design, but elements in the all restaurant development process.

Sure the hours might be long, you will pay your staff before yourself and you might be so tired some nights you sleep in your chef coat, but having VSAG’s restaurant consultants as your partner will make the process a little easier.