Staffing Made Simple: Finding the Perfect Fit

Yes! You’ve found the perfect restaurant staff candidate. You hire them. But, somewhere along the way, either you or your team member isn’t satisfied. You part ways.

The takeaway? You get a great arsenal to create your restaurant staffing playbook: what worked, what didn’t, and what expectations weren’t met.

Here are our top staffing and training best practices for successful restaurant placement and restaurant staffing at all levels.

The Search. Whether scrolling LinkedIn, searching one’s own database, reviewing multiple job boards, or using your industry network to fill restaurant staff positions: always aim to pull candidates from the largest pool of talent you can, and begin your search with a clear understanding of what, and who, you are looking for. From job description and responsibilities to personality and experience, effective restaurant recruiters work with purpose. Ask a trusted staffer (or two) to interview candidates as well, to help steer the selection process. Constructive opinions, intuition, and honesty are key.  

The Connection. When interviewing candidates, look to immediately find common ground. Listen for like-minded clues. Identifying similar industry experiences, personality traits, passions, and the like help establish common ground and ease in getting to know a candidate. What excites them? What do they like (and dislike) about the hospitality industry? What do they want to accomplish in this position? Where do they see themselves professionally in five years? All offer a good sense of who they are and what makes them tick.

The Process.

  • Interviews. Conduct more than one. In-person is preferable over phone interviews. The goal here is to determine if there’s a connection, and if you/your team feel as though it’s a good fit.  
  • Research. A great way to make sure a candidate does his/her research is to give them homework. Provide your company’s press, website/social media info, guest reviews, etc. asking them to review/comment their perspective on your company to ensure they’re passionate about your company culture, not just the position they’re interviewing for.
  • Development Assessment. Develop an internal, standard candidate checklist that hits all the boxes you require from a team member.
  • Reference & Background Checks. Recommended.

Keep your antennae up. You never know when the perfect candidate will walk through your door or you’ll hear of someone in conversation.

*photo: service staff successfully engaging with guests at Founding Farmers King of Prussia.