Simons Says: Office Space

Our very own, Dan Simons, recently spoke to business industry leader to discuss what your office space says about your company culture.

Sure, as restaurant and hospitality professionals, we know that first impressions are everything in our restaurant spaces, but Dan was happy to speak to the often-overlooked sibling: office space.

In the article How to Use Your Workspace to Ignite Your Culture, Dan loves the idea of thinking outside the proverbial box and taking your office space on the road.

What does that mean exactly?

Well, it doesn’t get much better for Dan and his team to work in Washington, D.C., one of our nation’s most energetic, inspired cities, and just steps from the White House. Yup, just one of the venues where Dan and his team set up shop.

“That’s where all the action is. It’s pretty cool to be sitting at one of our tables at Founding Farmers having a meeting and looking over Pennsylvania Avenue just a few blocks from the White House,” says Dan.

In fact, as owner of Farmers Restaurant Group, Dan and his team find that using all their restaurants, Founding Farmers and other concepts Farmers Fishers Bakers and Farmers & Distillers, as their remote offices makes for some pretty amazing, inspirational spaces.

Another awesome advantage? “Our meetings also come loaded with our delicious scratch-made food, which keeps us all going strong, and afterwards, the bonus is we don’t have to leave for happy hour. The bar and our tasty craft cocktails are right there. All of this definitely makes for a great work environment.”

We couldn’t agree more. What’s better than a great team collaborating, communicating, and creating in a well designed, well appointed, LEED certified space, complete with amazing food? Sign us up for that company culture!

To read more on expressing your company culture through your distinct spaces, read the full Inc. com article here.

*photo: a full, Founding Farmers DC-house is the perfect inspirational venue for the FRG team!