Sâuçá drives into First Place

VSAG congratulates our client Sâuçá for nabbing first place in The Great Emerging Franchise Challenge.  The award comes with a capital grant for services to help the business launch a national franchise program.

Sâuçá  is the globally-inspired mobile restaurant fleet that serves eponymous sâuçás– flatbread wrapped sandwiches filled with international ingredients–across Washington, DC.  The unique brand is much more than a food truck, though – it combines food, travel, music, design, technology and fun with delicious results.  With the help of this award, Sâuçá will soon become a fun fixture on the streets of every major American city.

VSAG worked closely with owner Farhad Assari to develop and manage the Sâuçá concept.  We hungrily look forward to the day that we can get our sâuçá fix no matter where we are in the country.

Congrats, Sâuçá team!