Sandwiches That Keep ‘Em Coming Back for More

Photo credit: Caring for Apathy

A recent finding by Technomic suggests that demand for sandwiches is on the rise.  Consumers are drawn to the grab-and-go convenience of pre-made sandwiches, but are also ordering sandwiches with more frequency in fast-casual and sit-down restaurants too.

Customers are especially drawn to the flexible portions and healthier fare offered by sandwiches, as well as their inexpensive price tags.  Perhaps most appealing is the variety and creativity found in sandwiches.  Not to mention their convenient, portable, and practical nature.  But sandwiches can be a winner from the restaurant’s perspective as well:  in addition to offering guests something simple and familiar, offering lower priced items on your menu (especially during dinner) can actually improve check averages.  We find that guests who spend less on their main item will often have another beverage, dessert or appetizer.

Sandwiches are exceedingly popular, and Technomic’s Executive Vice President Darren Tristano asserts “this trend shows no signs of slowing down.”

Be sure to take advantage of this trend:

  • Consider breakfast sandwiches: pair eggs with inventive cheeses or sausage, or layer grilled fruit with mascarpone and fresh herbs.
  • Is sliced bread all it’s chalked up to be?  Use rustic, artisanal breads that will add to the flavor and texture of the sandwich.  Jazz up your rolls with freshly baked brioche or whole grain options.
  • Add something unusual: capers to tuna, chilies to aioli, a hint of sweet glaze to salty cured meats.  Elicit the “ooh!”
  • Seasonality matters: always source the freshest ingredients currently in season.
  • Bigger is not always better: mini sandwiches are not only aesthetically appealing, but appease those concerned with portion sizes too.
  • Don’t forget dessert: ice cream sandwiches are making a comeback.  Be one of the first to reintroduce this fan-favorite with creative renditions.