Restaurants to Fuel Summer Job Boom: Are Your Employees Happy?

PR Newswire recently reported that restaurants are expected to add 450,000 jobs this summer season, an estimated increase of 5,900 jobs from the same period last year.  This summer is on track to boast the highest employment numbers since 1993.

It may come as no surprise then that restaurants are the nation’s second largest private sector employer.

A restaurant’s employees may be its most valuable asset.  Particularly in today’s economy, exceptional service will set an establishment apart.  Don’t let your employees be wooed away by the competition.  Keep employee morale (and retention) high by ensuring fair and state-regulated tip-out policies and an enjoyable work environment.  Offer employee benefits and perks, such as health insurance or quarterly appreciation parties.  Go the extra mile for your employees and they’ll do the same for you.

After all, as every manager knows, happy employees ultimately means to happy customers.