Restaurants Take Heed: Diners’ Pet Peeves

More people are dining at restaurants — and with greater frequency — than ever before.  Making small adjustments to your guests’ experience by focusing on often overlooked details is a game changer when it comes to diner satisfaction and retention.

Michael Bauer, food critic for the San Francisco Chronicle, recently articulated his top five pet peeves when it comes to restaurants.  Below are a few tips to avoid these snares:

Excessively loud music.  Diners’ voices and background music often compete over each other, instigating a vicious cycle of increasing decibel levels.  Encourage moderate and enjoyable volumes by keeping your music in check.

Providing only one cocktail menu per table.  It can be a frenzied scramble as diners vie for a glimpse of the cocktail list upon being approached by their server.  Print additional beverage menus and provide one for every other guest in larger parties — not only will you abate diner frustration, you’ll save time and efficiency too.

Inexperienced hosts.  The host is viewed by some as the most important staff member in your restaurant, as he or she is the first and last point of contact for guests.  Spend the time to properly train all hosts and hostesses to ensure a warm welcome and a hospitable association with your establishment.  First impressions are invaluable — be sure not to squander this opportunity to impress.

Remember, it’s the small things.  Your guests will thank you.  Better yet, they’ll come back.