Restaurant Technology for Today’s Owner & Operator

Restaurant technology is a constantly changing and shifting landscape, as new technology in the food industry is always on the horizon. In order to remain competitive, it’s imperative to keep up with the latest technology in the food and hospitality industry.

Using technology in restaurant development is a great way to get out in front of changing technology in order to stay competitive in today’s market and beyond.

In developing and identifying the trends for our annual Tectonic Shifts and Challenges Facing Restaurant Owners and Operators news blog, one of our top forecasted technology trends in the food and beverage industry for 2019 was technology. We looked to personalization, customization, automation, and software trends we predicted would make their mark this year, and our team was spot on.

Personalization. With so many business models and choices for consumers, the restaurant and hospitality industry has zeroed in on personalizing a guest’s experience for maximum impact and to support long-term customer loyalty. Successful owners and operators are out in front devising strategies and winning playbooks to train staff to make every guest feel welcome, appreciated, and well satiated.

Customization. Customizing your operating systems and services will not only have a favorable impact on your bottom line, but also your customer output, as according to a recent trend study, 72% of consumers expect customization. Begin by identifying your specific needs in order to customize your systems and services. Will one, comprehensive in-house system be your model? Or would separate systems work better so you can divide and conquer operational and service responsibilities? Are guests expecting to see a wide array of menu options, add-ons, and preparations to choose from? You get the idea. Customization helps to define and individualize your business.

Automation. New trends in automation are helping businesses cut costs by reducing labor through implementing automated systems, such as: self-ordering through the use of kiosks and mobile ordering platforms, GPS tracking software, and robotics to increase efficiency.

Systems & Software. From sensors monitoring food safety and temperature to centralized inventory management and purchasing smart kitchen equipment, restaurant systems & software trends and technology are continuing to drive our industry ahead.