Open A Cereal Box & Discover a Whole Lot of Inspiration

Who would have thought that the latest food trend could be found in a box? A cereal box at that. Sure, we see trends in food and beverage industry come and go every day, but we’re liking the nostalgic fun of this one and hope it has some staying power.

Everyone can relate to this one. Cereal is up there with the best of throwback foods that can bring us right back to childhood.

Not just a quick-way-to-start-the-day staple anymore, we‘re seeing cereal out of the box (and out of the bowl) and featured in ice cream and other desserts, beverages, on breakfast plates, and more.

The culinary team at VSAG client, Founding Farmers First Bake Cafe & Creamery, used a cereal mainstay, cornflakes, as the center of one of their most popular house-churned ice cream flavors. The result? A specially crafted ice cream made with classic cornflakes… and get this… mixed with their proprietary Founding Spirits American Whiskey to create their Founding Spirits American Whiskey & Cornflakes Ice Cream. And yes, it is a delicious as it sounds.

Mixing cereal with alcohol for grownups aside, we’re also seeing cereal as the star of playful, family-friendly trending dishes as well. From donuts topped with Fruit Loops (or a litany of any other fun flavorful cereals) to milk ‘n cereal-inspired pancakes, waffles, and cornflake French toast to loaded brownies and chocolate bars to milkshakes in all kinds of cereal-centric tastes, cereal is a true nod to nostalgia that you and your culinary team can really have fun playing with as this trend sticks around for the foreseeable future.

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