VSAG Client News: Founding Farmers Reston Station Opens!

Our client, Farmers Restaurant Group, opened lucky seven today, Founding Farmers Reston Station! 

The company’s second Founding Farmers in Virginia, and seventh restaurant in their growing farmer-owned family, Founding Farmers Reston is located in the transit-friendly Reston Station in Reston, VA. And much like it’s sibling, Farmers & Distillers that found inspiration in founding father, George Washington, Founding Farmers Reston Station pays homage to another great statesmen, our third president, Thomas Jefferson.

“We love the founding fathers and founding mothers aspect of the country and thinking about their connections to agriculture and then looking forward to the future,” says VSAG Founder and FRG Co-Owner Dan Simons, who knows a thing or two about how to start a restaurant and ongoing operational success.

As with all FRG restaurants, Founding Farmers Reston Station features the brand’s sustainable, real food and drink concept through menu offerings; award-winning bar service with scratch-made sodas and handcrafted cocktails, many including spirits from their Founding Spirits distillery; innovative, sustainably-minded design; and their commitment to commissioning thought-provoking, original artwork.

At Founding Farmers Reston Station, much of that artistic design pays homage to Jefferson, his Monticello home and gardens, his art pieces, collections, and libraries, and the incredible works of his enslaved kitchen and house staff.

Head over to see all that is Founding Farmers Reston Station. Make a reservation today. Stay in the know and follow on social media @Facebook , Instagram, and Twitter.