VSAG’s Chief Mixologist Named Cabana Cachaça Brand Ambassador

Cheers to our own Chief Mixologist, as well as Farmers & Fishers‘ and Founding Farmers‘ Chief Mixologist, Jon Arroyo, for being named the Washington, DC region Brand Ambassador for Cabana Cachaça, the finest, purest cachaça in the market today.   As the signature spirit of Brazil, cachaca is coming into its own in the US, not only as a fine rum product, but as a very smooth and versatile elixir, authentic to the core.

cabana-cachaca1At Founding Farmers and Farmers & Fishers, Cabana is used to make premium caipirinhas, and a few other special cocktails from Jon’s inspired mixology and bar & lounge menus.  Cabana is handcrafted in small batches, double-distilled in copper pot sills and mellowed for up to nine months in Brasilian jequitiba rosa wood barrels.  Learn more and see how the Brasilians like to live!