Is Chocolate Really Good for You?

Yes! A recent study performed by the University of California, San Diego Department of Family and Preventative Medicine and published in the Archives of Internal Medicine suggested that those who consumed chocolate more frequently had a lower body mass index (BMI) than those who did not.

Since these findings challenge the common belief that enjoying something as decadent as chocolate can actually be good for you, we wanted to know more.

The study’s authors think the findings may be connected to the fact that chocolate (especially dark chocolate) is rich in antioxidants and hence beneficial for metabolic function, reducing inflammation and balancing the hormones that facilitate weight control.

An interesting note was that those who registered the lower BMI did not necessarily have a better overall diet or engage in extreme physical activity, they simply consumed chocolate more frequently. The belief here is that since chocolate is rich in fiber, a little can go a long way. Chocolate can prove a satisfying and filling indulgence, without the need to over indulge.

As if you needed more reasons to put chocolate on your menu! In addition to favorites like chocolate layer cake and molten chocolate cakes, spice it up a bit: shave white chocolate onto a salad, sprinkle cocoa powder over popcorn, make a rich mole sauce, rub your steak or ribs with a cocoa powder mixture or serve up a delicious chocolate cocktail!

Taking a look at an ingredient with a whole perspective (in this case, chocolate being healthy!) will certainly provide inspiration as you continue your menu development.