Industry News: Monthly Restaurant Sales Exceed Grocery Store Sales

Great news for the restaurant industry: according to the U.S. Census Bureau, for the first time ever: monthly sales at restaurants exceeded grocery store sales this past December. And the news continues, as this trend has intensified in the months since.

Reasons for this unprecedented benchmark have been offered by consumer research* in part as follows:

  • 63% of those surveyed feel more confident in their financial situation
  • 56% revealed that their bank accounts have been buoyed by the recent drop in gas prices
  • 46% said it’s because their household income increased
  • and … overall within the survey, 33% said they patronize restaurants more often now than they did a year ago

All have contributed to the reallocation of consumer food dollars away from grocery store sales toward restaurants in recent months and hence this change in consumer behavior.

We believe that with consistency in service and food quality this trend can continue for your restaurant long into the future. Guests are looking to spend their hard earned dollars by making what they feel are good, informed choices. Therefore, if your restaurant continually serves high-quality food and your daily operations are focused on seamless output, you can keep the momentum going, as you will find that well-fed, well-attended to guests are apt to remain loyal.