Improving Your Restaurant Business

At VSAG we are always looking to discover or develop innovative systems we can store in our ever-growing arsenal of tools we use to help clients improve and customize their restaurant business strategies.

We love that business strategies now include technological advances at every turn. For example, the time has come where guests can pay for meals through a phone, like the mobile payment systems of Square and LevelUp. Unexpected? Not really.

So, we’re highlighting a couple business strategies and technical tools that are standouts as valuable means of enhancing reporting, analyzing sales figures and data, and possibly the next best thing for busy restaurateurs that are seeking to gain some business advantage.

Avero. Avero’s mission is to get managers and chefs out of the back office and into the dining room and kitchen to strengthen relationships with guests and staff. How is this mission accomplished? By providing clients with analytical sales/data-driven tools, services and support to eradicate mountains of paperwork and streamline operations to drive revenue, reduce costs and ultimately provide a better experience for guests (and staff). And an eye towards future growth.

When the marketing department steps in and can leverage the data towards strategic promotions, advertising campaigns and outreach efforts, the numbers suddenly have that much more power and insight to guests and their dining habits.

Swipely. Swipely’s mantra is: Accept Payments. Understand Customers. Grow Revenue. As their name suggests, Swipely aims to help local merchants gain business advantage (such as, by more easily accepting credit card payments and by growing revenue) through the analysis of guest credit/debit card data. With 7,000 merchants and growing, this ‘Payment Marketing’ system also focuses on the importance of understanding/engaging guests through loyalty programs and direct marketing (think in-house events and connecting through mobile devices/social media) and to understanding more about the first time guest, the frequent diner or the overall demographic of your guests.

For more information on these strategies and to see if they fit your restaurant business or marketing plans, visit Avero and Swipely. Also check out our video on why restaurants fail and how to prevent it.