How to Successfully Scale Your Business

To build upon our recent news blog top lining, How to Expand Your Restaurant Business, we wanted to go a step further and offer clients our team’s proven best practices on what’s next. The art of successfully scaling your concept to fit your growing brand, after initial expansion.

We approached our Managing Partner & Vice President of Restaurant Operations, Amber Hartman, to give us the go forward tools that best suit scaling a restaurant business. Amber put together a round up of what it takes. From commitment and collaboration to realistic infrastructures and timelines to thoughtful, detailed strategies, here’s an overview:

Commit to grow. Amber advises that in order to move forward and scale your business for future, steady growth, it takes capital. “Be ready,” she says, “to invest in your future.” The old adage rings true here: you have to be willing to spend money in order to make money.

Build a broad skillset. Surround yourself with people who are well versed in areas where you are not. Take a realistic look at where your strengths lie and where you may need expert help. If you are not proficient in keeping your books or tax laws, hire a reputable business manager to handle your financials, if you are at a next steps standstill in the process of scaling your business, seek the advice of a proven restaurant consulting team, and the like.

Find channels for strong collaboration. Find likeminded suppliers, service providers, systems experts, etc. to collaborate with you up front to develop a solid, phase one plan for scaling your business. The goal here: gather a strong support team to explore, and ultimately, implement systems, procedures, and infrastructures, that best fit your growth strategy, all within a realistic timeline.

Ensure your processes & procedures are standardized & clear-cut. The biggest element to achieving success when scaling your business? “Consistency,” says Amber. Remaining true to your final, outlined implementation strategy and timeline is vital.

Determine your niche & strength. “Set yourself apart,” recommends Amber. Pinpoint your strengths up front and play upon what sets you apart from the competition. Weaving those items into your business growth go forward plan will motivate you and your operations team will not only keep you striving for more, but will keep you focused on offering customers the best you can…. better than any other restaurant around!

*photo: Scaling your Business. Our VSAG team has guided client, Farmers Restaurant Group, to scaling success. Featured here is the growing company’s sixth of their seven restaurants, Founding Farmers King of Prussia, which opened in November, 2017.