Guest Appreciation = Great Business

Showing guests love for their loyalty equals great business.

And the good news that aligns with that sentiment? If they’re repeat customers, you’re obviously doing something right! Kudos to you and your team!

Keeping that connection on your radar is vital to your business as these are the guests who will come back again and again, refer diners, host events in your space – and ultimately help keep you afloat.

Precisely why we advise our restaurant clients to show devoted guests love and appreciate for their loyal patronage.

One such program our client, Farmers Restaurant Group (FRG) has put into action is their Guest Appreciation Program. A lesson in loyalty rewarded, repeat guests are specially chosen to receive a personalized thank you package that may include items such as: a handwritten thank you note and restaurant gift card, chef-crafted treats from the restaurant, luxury gift items, and more.

How do they do it? Here’s an overview, direct from the FRG Guest Appreciation Program team:

How do you determine what guests qualify for packages?

We use an industry data tracking system, such as Venga, to create and run reports to vet out repeat guests. For example, we seek out guests by highest number of visits or highest spend over the past six months using credit card data in order to identify our top-three guests per location. We then work directly with our management team at each store to garner guest contact info so we can reach out – to not only thank them personally, but also ask their permission to send a thank you gift for their loyal patronage.

How are gift packages distributed?

We use a same-day, local courier service we trust.

What do the gift packages typically include?

We love to mix it up and keep it personal: handwritten thank you notes with gift cards included, a image3soothing, luxury candle, specially handcrafted tasters from the restaurant and the like. It’s all about the personal touches.

How often does the program run?

Every quarter for each restaurant. Our goal is to send gifts to different guests each time, therefore our team keeps a detailed, running list of all recipients.

 FRG’s Guest Appreciation Program is so successful, here’s just some of the feedback they’ve received:

  • “George looooooved the package from you guys and sends many, many thanks! It’s amazing how attentive you guys are, we are looking forward to all the visits in the future, and are highly recommending FF to all of our partners.”
  • “I received the gift! Thank you; it was so thoughtful. I can’t wait to use the gift card and the products. My husband, my daughter, and I enjoyed the sweet treats. They were delicious as expected.” 

  • “WOW I just got the incredibly generous package – time to get to Founding Farmers and start using that gift certificate! Thanks again!” 

Inspiration is everywhere. Seek it out. Specialize concepts for your restaurant guests, as outstanding service is always appreciated.

*photo: (FRG sample) Founding Farmers restaurant Guest Appreciation Program gifts are ready to go!