Growing Your Business: Dan Simons Talks Successful Partnerships

Over the years VSAG’s very own Dan Simons has learned the restaurant business from the ground up. From his front of house service start to transitioning to a seasoned restaurant consultant and ultimately as concept developer and operator, Dan has learned the value of a great partnership and what they can do to propel the growth of a restaurant concept.

Recently, Dan was asked to talk to his experience in a lively radio interview on KFGO radio, out of logoour client Farmers Restaurant Group’s partner the North Dakota Farmers Union territory of Fargo-Moorhead, ND.

He was happy to tell his story and that of helping to grow our client into a brand known for its commitment, quality, and service to KFGO’s award-winning “News & Views” host Joel Heitkamp.

Dan spoke to his belief in the importance of planting the seeds that’ll grow a restaurant business; seeking out partners who are not only ready to grow with you, but who are steeped in similar ideals, vision, and business acumen.

For our client, that meant building strong partnerships with like-minded teams and their brands. For a restaurant dedicated to the American family farmer, our client has found great success and growth in partnerships such as with national agriculture partners and unions, as well as local family farms.

Finding a great business match takes time, effort, research, and yes most likely some mishaps, but keeping your brand’s visions and concept top of mind as you go will help in finding the perfect partnership fit.

To listen to Dan’s full podcast of this engaging, fun, interesting exchange, click here.