Go Green … and Your Restaurant’s Bottom Line will Thank you!

As a savvy restaurant owner, you know that green is certainly going to color your future!  As any dedicated restaurant consultant or restaurant services professional will tell you … going green is not just about ensuring the longevity, continuity and sustainability of your establishment, but going green can also effect and improve your bottom line (i.e. the ‘green’ going into your back account!).

From quick service to fast-casual to fine dining restaurants, green initiatives and practices are being adopted across the board throughout the US. In fact, according to the National Restaurant Association (NRA), more than 60 percent of operators are investing in energy-efficient technology this year.

Therefore, the NRA established the Conserve Sustainability Education Program as a resource for members who are looking to run their operations in an environmentally-friendly manner and reduce costs.

The program provides information on the benefits of recycling everything from menu paper to glass to cardboard to cooking oil, implementing solar-thermal technology, LED lighting, energy-efficient appliances, start up/shutdown schedules for equipment and occupancy sensors in storage areas and more.

Want a tangible example of what going green can do for your restaurant? According to the NRA’s Food Service Technology Center, something as simple as attaching low flow spray valves to faucets can save a restaurant as much as $1,000 a year in water costs!

The information is out there. The key is finding it.

For more information on the NRA, visit Restaurant.org and to learn more about the Certified Green Restaurant process and see how your eco-friendly operations stack up, visit Green Restaurant Association.