Global Food Trends: Ethnic Cuisine Making its Mark

What does our restaurant consulting team do for fun? Besides gathering to eat the best foods we can find – we find joy in seeking out trends and advising our clients on how to translate them into effective, long-term business strategies.

One such trend we’ve been watching: Ethnic Cuisine.

Sure, Americans have their traditional favorites (i.e. Italian, Chinese, Mexican), but we see the market going global. With four out of five people surveyed saying they eat at least one type of ethnic cuisine every month and 84% preferring to eat ethnic cuisine at restaurants that focus specifically on that type of cuisine, we’re confident that consumers are ready to experiment and expand their palates within the very capable hands of specialized restaurants.

Our ethnic culinary call-out: Indian Cuisine.

Why? Well, traditionally authentic Indian dishes are created so each ingredient offers a unique component when incorporated into the final product. Hence, a combination of incredible, standout flavors. And as foodies, we’re intrigued.

What we’ve found: Indian food is slowly making its way to our palates and onto our plates. For example, Nation’s Restaurant News reports that 10% of non-Indian restaurants offer an Indian-inspired item (up 63% over the last nine years).

What’s in development: Our restaurant concept development team is utilizing their expertise and helping our client enter the growing global food market by opening an authentic Indian restaurant in Tysons Corner, VA this month. American Tandoor pays tribute to the unique, vibrant flavors of India through standout dishes created with multiple levels of authentic spices and fresh local ingredients.

As we continue to track food trends, we believe that the restaurant industry is ripe for realizing the increasing demand for fresh, quality foods with diverse, authentic, ethnic flavors. Our client is ready to go global, are you?

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