Global Food Destinations

Why not take your restaurant guests on a fabulous trip abroad? We are not suggesting purchasing first-class plane tickets; we’re more practical than that.

As restaurant and hospitably industry professionals, we know that a great meal, featuring deliciously intriguing, quality-sourced ingredients, can transport any guest. So, take yours on a culinary adventure they won’t soon forget by highlighting some of the worlds most loved, signature flavor profiles.

It’s not about reinventing your brand concept or following the latest food trends, it’s more about keeping your menus interesting, and getting creative and inspired by discovering traditional, global ingredients and flavor combinations, and weaving them into some of your restaurant’s dishes.

For example, transport guests to a Greek isle cafe with a classic Saganaki. Think Mediterranean cheese plate featuring kasseri cheese sautéed in olive oil and topped with fresh lemon and oregano. Serve with fresh pita bread and Greek olives for a wonderfully, warm, flavorful take on any cheese plate appetizer. Next stop: Southeast Asia for a new twist on classic clam chowder. Try a sweet corn curry stew featuring cod and shrimp served in an individual pot with a freshly baked French baguette on the side for dipping.

Next up: dessert. The international options are seemingly endless. Do your guests crave chocolate? Journey to France for the culinary inspiration of decadently rich chocolate mousse served with crème fresh or layered within a classic chocolate cake. Does your dessert menu include a vanilla custard creation? Up the flavor ante and feature a smooth, creamy Spanish-influenced flan or the Italian creamy treats of panna cotta or chocolate or vanilla custard filled cannoli. And we can’t forget the perennial crowd pleaser: fried dough. Replace traditional donuts with Italian zeppole, bunelos from South America or French beignets served with rich raspberry or dark chocolate dipping sauces. And as an added component to bring out flavors, pair food offerings with coffees and wines from global destinations.

For culinary inspiration, talk to your chefs about what global flavor profiles they would like to work with, and ask trusted suppliers and purveyors what fresh international ingredients they might have to offer.

Curry*photo courtesy of Mama Rouge Southeast Asian bistro, Washington, D.C.