Gain Local Exposure, One New Homeowner at a Time

How do you best promote your business’s local exposure? By partnering with your area Chamber of Commerce.

As defined by Merriam Webster, your local Chamber of Commerce is: An association of businesspeople to promote commercial and industrial interests in the community.

Hence, the perfect platform to maximizing your customer outreach and your local exposure. After joining your local Chamber, many invite member access to any business discounts/special services they offer as well as events calendars, educational services, and networking contacts.

Make the most of this access and add real value to your business by developing restaurant marketing concepts according to your specific business plans and promotional efforts. Here are some suggestions.

New Residents. As new homeowners/area residents get settled, they’ll need a great place to eat, right? Start by utilizing your Chamber members/area business owner contacts to reach out to local real estate associates to find out who’s new to the area. Then, contact a local printer to produce engaging, informative, concise marketing materials to promote your business. Lastly, contact a local delivery service to hand-deliver your materials, complete with a delicious sample from your restaurant. This personal touch will surely go a long way in establishing a relationship with new area residents (who’ll be more apt to visit your restaurant).

Local Staff Outreach. Visit local Chamber-sponsored job fairs to fill your restaurant staff spots. Providing steady, secure positions to qualified, eligible workers from local high-school students to senior citizens will benefit your bottom line as you can capture support from their families, friends, coaches, and local community residents.

School & Sports Outreach. Show your local school & team spirit by featuring tables at local school and sporting events. Utilize Chamber educational outreach contacts to work with local area schools and sporting associations to promote your restaurant by providing marketing materials, offering restaurant samples, and raffling off restaurant gift cards at local events.

Action_Shot5Area Event Partnerships. Partner with Chamber-sponsored local events such as parades, community days, and area business development meetings. It all starts with positively promoting your business and engaging with local residents/business owners at highly populated events such as these. To amp-up your visibility even further, feature your personable and knowledgeable chef/bartender asking them to demonstrate some of your popular (and easier) recipes. Of course offering samples. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a delicious, freshly-made treat?

For more information, visit the national U.S. Chamber of Commerce to gather insight into their overall business development programs and support of local area businesses.