Four Stage Recruitment Process in the Food Industry: That Works!

The restaurant recruitment & selection process can prove challenging. As the industry grows, so too does the talent pool. Finding the right fit throughout the restaurant hiring process is an important part of our business. And our success.

That’s why rely on Jill Gardner & her The Talent Shop team for our client recruiting needs. Likening the recruitment process to “professional matchmaking,” Jill has found success in matching client with candidate to find the perfect fit.

How? Jill’s Four Stage Recruiting Process is like no other. They guarantee their Engaged Search model because it works. Here’s a glimpse into their winning process

STAGE ONE: Getting to Know You

Their secret to success. Jill and her team work hard to get to know their clients, their brand, company culture, and work environments. “The Getting to Know You stage is a step many recruiters skip,” says Jill. “To me, it’s the most important step as it allows us to understand the company we’re hiring for. Once we understand them, we can identify those that would work well within their team and company culture. It’s easy to find someone with the same title, but that’s just one piece of the puzzle,” she continues. “Our clients return to us because we end up knowing them so well, they feel as though we’re an extension of their company.”

STAGE TWO: Defining Your Just Right Candidate

Once the company culture is defined, it’s time to dig deep into the position itself. The skill sets and competencies the client requires. Jill recommends interviewing company leadership and candidate supervisors to establish what she refers to as – the top must haves and nice to haves – for every applicant to help develop a refined, specific candidate profile. Much more than a typical job description, a comprehensive profile is instrumental in finding a just right candidate.

STAGE THREE: Research & Discovery

The goal here: discovering talent using a wide lens. Jill credits her company’s search process, blending established connections with novel discovery tactics, industry wisdom, and innovative assessment systems, for the confidence they have in each candidate they send out.

STAGE FOUR: Recommendations & Placement

This final stage? Providing detailed candidate information to clients on why each is a frontrunner, before sending them out on interviews. “Recommendation,” says Jill, “is an important piece in this process. By offering advice and guidance on the candidates we send out, our goal is to make this important decision easier, not more complicated, for our clients.” Follow through and open, honest communication is crucial for successful, long-term placement.

For more information on finding the right team players for your business, visit The Talent Shop.