Founding Farmers Rye Whisky Details

Founding Farmers Uncorks Exclusive Founding Farmers Rye Whisky by Wasmund’s Custom Blend From Copper Fox Distillery of Sperryville, VA Celebrates Local Sourcing

VSFF Rye WhiskyAG proudly announces that Founding Farmers, Washington, D.C.’s eco-friendly restaurant with sustainable agriculture at the heart of the menu, has furthered its commitment to sourcing locally with the launch of Founding Farmers’ Rye Whisky Exclusively Hand Crafted by Wasmund’s.  The special distillation made exclusively for Founding Farmers, and only available at the restaurant, will be uncapped and celebrated with “Founding Farmers Whisky Week”, June 8 – 13, 2009.

“We examined every part of the whisky making process, and kept the good traditional parts, and added some new wrinkles of our own to make Founding Farmers Rye Whisky truly unique,” says VSAG and Founding Farmers Chief Mixologist Jon Arroyo.   “The drinks we’ve created with it are equally interesting and inspired and we’re excited to share them with our guests.”   New FF Rye Whisky cocktails include the Farmers’ Smash, the Basement and the popular Sazerac, now featured on the new spring menu.

Founding Farmers Whisky Week includes new cocktail menu releases, guest mixologists serving up their own cocktails made with Founding Farmers Rye Whisky, and visits by Rick Wasmund, Master Distiller of Copper Fox Distillery in Sperryville, VA, and the creator of the Founding Farmers Rye.  “Wasmund’s is thrilled to make something so special for Founding Farmers. We love the restaurant, the concept, and the people – it’s all right in line with our philosophy as an honest, small batch distiller,” adds Wasmund.

The Founding Farmers Rye Whisky is composed of two-thirds rye and one-third hand-malted barley, malted with light smoke, 60 percent apple wood, and 40 percent cherry wood. Double pot distilled to between 150 and 160 proof in a 500-gallon mash still and 104-gallon spirit still, the Founding Farmers Rye Whisky is then aged at least 12 months in great old barrels made at Copper Fox Distillery.  Three Copper Fox Distillery craftsmen, ensuring personalized attention to each delicious batch, oversee the entire process.

The new Founding Farmers Rye Whisky is the perfect addition to the restaurant’s innovative bar program, which features ‘bar-chefing’ of classic cocktails and bar treats by real mixologists, specially trained to know the chemistry of liquors and the classic traditions of unique, hand crafted drinks and the art of culinary cocktailing.    Each mixer, juice, infusion and recipe is prepared by hand, using only the finest organic fruits and garnishes, hand squeezed juices and specialty bitters mixed in house.

“Our thoughts on supply and manufacture of this whisky and bringing it to the restaurant are like a hand in a glove – albeit a heavy, charred work glove,” says Wasmund. “It’s just a good match for us to be producing for Founding Farmers.  They are the greenest restaurant and bar in DC after all!”

For more information on Founding Farmers, images, or to speak with Chief Mixologist Jon Arroyo, please contact Jennifer Motruk Loy For more information on Wasmund’s Whisky or Copper Fox Distillery, or to speak with Rick Wasmund, visit