VSAG Launches Farmers & Fishers

Farmers & FishersVucurevich Simons Advisory Group (VSAG) the restaurant team that conceptualized, manages and operates the bustling and award-winning Founding Farmers in downtown DC announces the opening of  Farmers & Fishers, an evolution of the Farmers brand to the waterfront. After just over four months of extensive food menu design and creation, transformation of the bar program to highlight a Tiki Bar menu, and a refreshing of the interiors with new colors, fabrics and artwork, the new Farmers & Fishers is ready for guests. The new concept officially opens on Wednesday, June 24, though guests have been seeing the changes over the last couple of weeks.

“Essentially, Farmers & Fishers is more casual, affordable and comfortable than the original Agraria, which was developed by North Dakota Farmers Union in 2006,” described Dan Simons. “Agraria was a good brand, but it lacked a true identity. It was too formal, and the connection between the food and the original intentions of celebrating sustainable agriculture had become blurred. We’ve addressed all the issues and have created a really strong concept with great food at the heart of it all.”

Both VSAG and the NDFU recognized that Founding Farmers quickly developed a great, loyal following of regular guests and fans and wanted to translate the appeal of Founding Farmers to the Farmers & Fishers location on the waterfront. Farmers & Fishers has a greater focus on making all dishes from scratch – with all pastas, sauces, breads, desserts and more all made in house. Other menu changes include a diverse and eclectic selection of more items, including pizza and lots of seafood. The selections are compilations of family recipes and original dishes developed especially for the new approach, for good, wholesome, fresh items with influences from across the country.