VSAG Client News: Farmers Fishers Bakers Opens!

VSAG restaurant consulting is proud to announce that our longtime clients, Farmers Restaurant Group and their North Dakota Farmers Union partners, opened Farmers Fishers Bakers last week. Located at Georgetown’s famed Washington Harbour, Farmers Fishers Bakers is just 10 blocks from its DC sister restaurant, Founding Farmers DC.

Our team is thrilled to bring FRG’s and NDFU’s vision to life with the opening of this incredible new restaurant. With its contemporary farmhouse and nautical-inspired design, this latest outpost for the farmer-owned brand seats approx 290 guests, incorporates recycled & reclaimed materials to align with the company’s commitment to keeping it green, unique artwork from local artisans. and cool micro-climates for guests to enjoy.

The diverse, extensive menu offers regionally-inspired dishes. From fresh farmhouse sushi and pizzas to salads, tacos, and seafood to delicious desserts and fresh breads, items are made in-house, from scratch, whenever possible.

Stop in and see for yourself. The Washington Harbour complex has recently undergone a multi-million dollar renovation and in just one week, the much-anticipated 12,000 square foot ice skating rink will open for all eo enjoy.

For more information, visit Farmers Fishers Bakers and follow on Twitter @FarmFishBakeDC & on Facebook @FarmersFishersBakers.