Farewell, Dear Friend….

George Roche, baker, intellect, colleague and friend
George Roche, baker, intellectual, colleague and friend

The entire VSAG family is sad today.  One of our team members passed away this week; he was far too young, and far too healthy, it came as a shock to us all.  George Roche was our friend, our colleague, our baker, our day trader, our international politico and our precious metals and minerals trader.  The straightest shooter around, George was always George, never scared to call ‘em like he saw ‘em.

I’ll miss George’s intellect, his dry sense of humor and his “Georgeness”– he lived life his way, and valued friendship, family and loyalty.  His love of politics and all things international/geo-political kept us communicating over the years even when we weren’t working together.

It’s shocking and it sucks.  I have no eloquence to describe it, I have no way to make it anything other than what it is, a devastating loss for his family, his friends, and a devastating blow for Hazel and her children.  But I do know that through the immense sadness we feel right now, we can already feel the smile that will come to our faces every time we think of George.  While it’s a loss for all involved, it is the universe’s gain to have George’s spirit racing around doing whatever it might be doing.  And with George, I can be certain it is something intriguing.

Every time I see a baguette for the rest of my life, I’ll think of George.  Every time I see an artisan bread oven, and steam escaping from the doors, I’ll think of George.  And too, when I read about a complex international political drama unfolding in some far corner of the globe, I’ll think of George and miss whatever interesting snippet he would’ve emailed me on the topic.

Godspeed dear friend; we’re appreciative of the time we had with you.

– Dan Simons


I met George years ago after he had come out of working in a difficult labor union environment; he was rough, angry  and a top-down manager and leader. Together, we worked on leadership, communication, understanding and empathy.  At a time when most people are already set in their ways, George, at 40,  opened his eyes and got it.

George was smart and loved to share what he knew and cared about, which why I enjoyed communicating with him.  We always talked music, sports, travel, politics, and family. He taught my kids, Andie and Logan, to bake.

Logan and George had a special connection. They communicated about music, and George burned and sent him over a hundred cds over the past few years, many with his written thoughts included. The music is now more than stuff to listen to…it’s an intimate collection of personal treasures from a guy who was enthusiastic  and generous enough to share his passion for music with my son, who has loved and absorbed it all.

He made me laugh! He was a very good friend of mine and I respected him greatly. He was truly a good person…