Dan Simons Weighs In: How Big Brands & Big Businesses are Aligning Their Missions With Gen Z & Millennial Consumers

“With the Gen Z and Millennial consumers, it’s clear what matters to them. They want to be part of making the world a better place in everything they do. For us, this is good news. This was our original mission behind sourcing food products in a way that aligned with our sustainability vision.”— Dan Simons

Dan recently had the opportunity to discuss this relevant industry topic of how big brands and big businesses need to set themselves apart in today’s market, focusing on the next generation.

In a well-received article for Forbes, which was also referenced by The Huffington Post, Dan spoke to the challenges of marketing to this savvy consumer – one in which expects social consciousness from the brands they choose to support.

In fact, reports have shown today’s Millennials and Gen Z consumers are steeped in social awareness and that sustainability is part of their everyday vernacular. As such, this generation is far more likely than pervious generations to support strict environmental policies. Evident in the reported statistic revealing that: 80% of this group prefers to work for employers with sustainability practices in place and as part of the mission of the company. In addition, this generation is willing to pay more for eco-friendly products, if it means contributing to a sustainable lifestyle.

As Dan and our team develop sustainably minded brands for clients around the globe, we take our consumer demographics and social consciousness findings seriously. These are measures we watch closely. Measures we use to help guide clients to growth – building better brands and businesses along the way.