Dan Simons Speaks to the Mission & Success of VSAG Client, Founding Farmers

FFDCLogoA great big shout out to our very own Dan Simons on getting out in front of Farmers Restaurant Group brand, Founding Farmers.

His passion and dedication to increasing demand for family-farmed products and educating on the message of family farming vs. corporate farms-industries, is a common thread running through the farmer-owned, Founding Farmers brand.

As concept developer and owner, Dan’s commitment to the brand is on display within two significant media pieces.

In the recent Huffington Post blog feature, A New Deal for Farmers – How Founding Farmers is Changing the Game, Dan speaks to his belief that “Farmers are the backbone of America.” And as such, it is his (and his team’s) responsibility to safeguard that ideal through “Farmers getting a good deal, and consumers,” in turn, “getting an improved product.”

Also, a recent feature in Corporate Responsibility Magazine, How a Group of Farmer-owner Restaurants Uses the Family Farm as a Business Model for Sustainability, highlights Dan’s perspective on the innovative farmer-owned, Founding Farmers concept and the company’s overall mission: “We do what we believe. And it works. Sustainability means trusting that caring for the planet and caring for our people will result in healthy profits.”

Read the full Huffington Post blog, here; and the Corporate Responsibility Magazine feature, here.