Dan Simons Out in Front: Making the Most of Any Restaurant Concept

What’s the secret to successful, unique restaurant concepts? Developing concise strategies that speak to your vision and thread effortlessly throughout your brand are key.

For insight on restaurant business concepts that work, we went straight to our in-house source, Dan Simons. Dan was recently featured in an article outlining strategic restaurant concept examples and the secret to a decade of success for the Most Booked Restaurant on OpenTable, Founding Farmers, not only our VSAG client but also where Dan serves as co-owner. 

It starts with commitment. Find your vision. What do you want your brand to say about your business? Thread it throughout your brand. For Dan and his team it starts with commitment. Commitment to serving guests real, scratch-made food and drink with ingredients sourced from partners they trust. A testament to the longstanding partnership with their farmer-owner partners at the North Dakota Farmers Union.

Be a Trailblazer. Keep your industry antennae up. Look for the latest restaurant concept platforms that speak directly to, and set apart, your brand. Innovate. Trail blaze. For Dan, his NDFU partners, and their teams, their latest groundbreaking program sets an 18-wheeler food truck in motion from the North Dakota farmland directly to their restaurants in DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. The impetus? The fact that family farmers make only 14.8 to every dollar spent on retail food in the U.S. An all-time low. So, they got creative. Their revolutionary food truck program now brings more profit directly to our nation’s family farmers.

Be Accountable. VSAG client, Lebanese Taverna co-owner Grace Abi-Najm Shea says about VSAG’s business practices, “They run it like a company. Their level of organization and accountability is much higher than, say, a family mom and pop. They make sure things are exactly like they want them to be.” Be accountable. To yourself, your staff, and your customers.

Keep your focus and interesting restaurant concepts coming, and your best restaurant concepts will come to successful fruition. To read more, click here.

*photo courtesy of Washingtonian.com.